About Us

ROV Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd. company number 805860-W is a Malaysian registered Company located in Miri, Sarawak. The Company has been formed to provide Commercial Diving and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) services to the oil and gas, shipping, civil engineering and other related industries. The Company was incorporated on 6th February 2008.

ROV Resources is not just any "representative" company with foreign interest. It is wholly owned by a Malaysian Bumiputera with licenses from Petronas. We are accredited by Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), and Ministry of Finance.

Being a member of International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), we took the next step towards realizing our visions by getting class certification which includes American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV), DNV GL, and Llyod's Register (LR).

The concept of ROV Resources is to capitalize on the market need for a regionally based underwater services to serve the abovementioned industries which until now relied heavily on multi-national companies. If there is any need of emergency or rapid intervention work, ROV Resources equipment is ready for deployment safely without hassle with minimum cost and probably no loss time to our clients.

ROV Resources underwater vehicle systems provide for a wide range of professional applications. We operate Saab Underwater Systems from the UK which is one of the world's leading ROV manufacturer. The range currently extends from the portable and versatile Seaeye Falcon to the revolutionary electric inspection class Seaeye Tiger.

ROV Resources are extremely experienced & capable of providing a range of underwater services - including underwater diving inspections, underwater construction, underwater cutting & welding, marine salvage from cleaning to retrieving lost items.

ROV Resources employs a highly experienced team with an enviable reputation within the industry, ROV Resources will ensure that our clients continue to benefit at all stages of a project, from professional commercial advice and design through to delivery. ROV Resources offer a professional, prompt, efficient and competitive service.

The trade mark of ROV Resources is the inherent performance in underwater technology meaning that whatever it does, it gives the customers high-performance products that are fully reliable and based on the latest advances in underwater technology.