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Seaeye Falcon

Observation Class ROV System

The Seaeye Falcon is a portable and lightweight observation and inspection ROV for operations to depths of 300 meters in the offshore oil and gas industry. Its power to weight ration of 1:1 is unrivalled, giving it excellent performance, handling and maneuverability. A Seaeye Falcon can be operated free swimming with up to 450 meters of umbilical and launched either by hand or from a simple davit arrangement.В В 

It is suitable for all inspections and light drill support projects. It can be utilized either as a powerful ROV for fast and cost effective mobilization via air transport or as a fully containerized unit complete with davit launch arrangement and umbilical winch.

A containerized system provides both a comfortable working environment for the Pilot and a spare storage cum workshop facility. The arrangement is supplied in a 2-lift package specially designed for ease of mobilization onto offshore drilling rigs or platforms. It is easy to set up and requires no welding or cutting during installation. The winch attaches to the side of the container to provide a launch and recovery arrangement. The davit design allows the vehicle to pass over the top of any existing hand rails.

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