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Seaeye Tiger

Observation & Inspection Class ROV System

The Seaeye Tiger is widely regarded internationally as the standard observation and inspection ROV for operations to depths of 1000 meters in the offshore oil and gas industry. Its performance in strong currents, excellent handling and maneuverability are unsurpassed. A Seaeye Tiger can be operated free swimming with up to 450 meters of umbilical or from a Type 2 TMS system to its full working depth.

Seaeye Tigers are open frame construction providing greater scope to fit additional accessories and more capable manipulators than 'eyeball' ROVs. This open frame construction also allows the horizontal thrusters to be mounted in the most efficient vectored arrangement providing far greater thrust in both forward and lateral directions than earlier axial and lateral thruster combinations.

A basic ROV system comprises the Vehicle, a Surface Control Unit a Hand Control Unit and a Power Supply Unit.

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